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How Body Contouring Surgery is Advantageous in the Long Run?

With rapid advancements taking place in the field of technology every day, the corrective surgery industry is also witnessing a boom. The new cosmetic procedures not only involve the least amount of pain, but also very little recovery time. People are, now, also better educated about the benefits of cosmetic procedures as the myths and misconceptions regarding the practice have been erased from their minds. Hence, they no longer have any qualm about opting for a procedure to get a part of their body altered, removed or enhanced. This is, precisely, what the process of body contouring is all about- being happy with one’s own body by rectifying all those pesky imperfections, such as excess fat, saggy tissues, and other such annoyances that can be easily eliminated through body contouring.

Understanding the nuances of body contouring treatments

Body contouring, like every other cosmetic procedure, has often been the target of controversies and bad publicity. However, one thing must be realized is that no surgical procedure is without risk. It is the chances that vary from one to another. Moreover, with newer technology being introduced, the need for invasive procedures is on the decrease. Also, the doctor must be a licensed and experienced professional. Most surgeries are bound to end badly if the doctor is not properly skilled and has no clue about what he is doing. Body contouring procedures are generally less invasive than other methods of corrective procedures for the body, like liposuction. This is what makes it all the more lucrative.

Different varieties of body contouring treatments

Less invasive procedures mean fewer chances of post-op dangers. Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve includes only a simple injection, containing various fat-dissolving substances, to be delivered into the skin. Thermage is another such technique which involves the usage of radio frequency for tightening facial skin, instead of undergoing hours of surgery. In order to aim directly at the fat cells and disintegrate them, Liposonix uses ultrasound waves of high intensity, which are released about an inch underneath the surface of the skin. A clinical trial in Mexico saw a reduction by 7cm in waistline. That is not all; the procedure showed no risk factors- irritations, burn marks, ugly rashes, loose skin or other more serious complications. Many experts are even touting it one of the strongest contenders to the classic Liposuction, with its popularity increasing in the market every day.   

The main difference between body contouring treatments and the more age-old, established treatments is that body contouring is more effective. It not only improves the post-weight-loss, excess skin fold situation, but also covers a wider area of the patient’s body. Some of these procedures may span a long while and hence, sometimes, many doctors may be involved in a single procedure to speed up the process. This is really beneficial because the length of time spent under the influence of anaesthesia is directly proportional to the time required for proper, full-on recovery. Chances of risk factors like the development of fatal blood clots is also slim in these latest treatment options.

How Does Plastic Surgery Influence Your Health?

Corrective procedures like body contouring has been helping people get rid of those excess skin folds, which cause no lesser problems than the fat that they strived so hard to get rid of. Sure, exercise can help tone the muscles but that extra piece of skin will still keep on drooping and contrary to popular beliefs, there really is nothing called spot-targeting workouts, where one only loses weight from a targeted part of his or her body.

Find the right figure

Normally, the areas where the skin starts to sag are the arms, legs and thighs. Although they take up a lot less adipose tissue, they can appear droopy. The answer lies in body contouring which can fix not only these areas but also the middle portion of the body including the abdomen, leaving a person more confident and at ease to wear the clothes that he or she likes. Breasts may also undergo sagging and stretch marks may appear. Body contouring can be combined with breast enhancement procedures as well. Apart from the highly obvious physical benefits, there are also many psychological benefits such as enhanced self-esteem, becoming more social and interactive, general sense of satisfaction and reduced stress levels.   

Learn about the costs

Body contouring as a medical procedure, obviously, is not one of the cheapest options in the book. However, the results are totally worth the amount of money spent because they are permanent and a once-in-a-lifetime investment. The general price of a treatment, spanning the entire body, circles around is considerably higher compared to what you might have had to pay for if it was simply a particular area of your body such as an inner thigh and arm. You have to bear in mind that the more complicated the surgery is the higher the chances are that you might have to shell out a decent sum of money to the clinic in order to get the job done in a satisfactory and efficient manner. Although medical insurance will probably not include corrective cosmetic procedures, several payment options are available to make the payment process easier for the clients. There is an option named “Plastic Surgery Mortgage” that allows clients to pay off their medical bills bit by bit and not all at once. This helps interested individuals actually go through with the procedure without backing out due to financial tensions.

How Helpful is Body Contouring and What Can You Expect?

The advantages of body contouring treatments are countless. However, unfortunately, the treatments are not meant for anybody and everybody. There is a certain category of candidates who are suitable for these treatments. Other persons opting for them can become prone to a host of unwanted risks and complications. Moreover, there are certain pre-op conditions that need to be met for the candidate to be eligible for these treatments. A thorough and detailed discussion with the doctor, in charge of the case, is an absolute must before going into the operation room. All questions and doubts must be duly addressed and clarified during these consultation sessions.

Curbing the effects of ageing

After a certain age, usually the mid-40s, the skin starts loosening. However, many think that body contouring can help with these. This is why doctors mostly get patients from this age group. Body contours are for people who are battling with a physically unattractive body, after losing a lot of weight. The drooping and sagging of skin after a certain age is inevitable and while Botox and face lifts can provide temporary relief, no treatment or procedure has been developed by researchers till date that can reverse the body’s clock for good.

Getting rid of extra skin

People, all over the world, dream of losing weight and getting a fitter and a more attractive body, on the whole. However, not many realize that losing weight is not the difficult part. It is the excessive fat tissue that makes the skin sag. This is what the contouring treatments offer to get rid of, not the fat itself. Most interested individuals do not realize this. They opt for body contouring treatments without seeking proper consultations with a qualified and certified doctor and come out of surgery with disappointing results. Hence, the patient is advised to be well aware of the results before going in for surgery.

What precautions to consider?

The very first requirement is that the patient should stabilize his or her weight for at least a few months before going in for body contouring, through balanced diets and a healthy lifestyle pattern. The individual should never go in for these procedures that take a while to recover, without having a group of people who will surely be there for help during the recovery period. Since it is advisable that minimum stress is endured during this span of time, there should be no hurry in getting back to work. Fulfil all commitments prior to the surgery. Smoking is a big no-no before surgery, and so is alcohol. The patient should increase his or her protein intake to 50gm-70gm on a daily basis to speed up the recovery.